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Meet Melissa

You matter. Your feelings matter. I am devoted to helping you.

I am a counselor, therapist, healer, life transformer, and hope ignitor. I help women & teen girls make positive changes so that they can feel confident, happier, and reach their fullest potential.

I am a human being like you and can understand your pain and struggles, your vulnerability. I have been there, and I never want anyone to feel the way I once did — alone and afraid.

I can help you with


Finding healthy & effective ways to manage it.


Feeling calmer and more in control of your life.


Improving your mood and having more motivation.


Understanding them and healing from difficult ones.

How it works

Simple Steps to
Start Therapy

It all starts with a single first step.

Making changes in your life takes courage and is not easy. In fact, it can feel incredibly scary and be a difficult journey to navigate on your own.

​But what if you had someone you could trust — someone you could talk to who did not judge you, who offered support, acceptance, compassion, and respect — someone who had your back? Can you imagine how much easier that would be?

Have questions?

No worries! I'm happy to answer your questions via phone or during your first appointment.

All queries are replied within 48hrs.

Make a call
Live in NJ? Call me at 856-209-3049 for a free phone consultation.
Review documents
Review my Notice of Privacy Practices. Click here to read it now. Then download and sign this form.
Complete paperwork
After you provide your email, paperwork will be emailed to you via a secure client portal.
Schedule a date
After your paperwork is reviewed you will be contacted to set up an intake date with me to get started!

HAPPY+CALM+CONFIDENT =reaching your fullest potential

Let’s take this next step together on the path to healing and transformation. Can’t wait? Get my top 5 anxiety busters now!

What if...

Your life can be better!

...you didn’t have to deal with anxiety?

You will learn something called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which has been proven to help with anxiety. I will also teach you relaxation strategies, mindfulness techniques, and many other tools.

...you could feel happier?

I will gather details about your life so I can better understand you. I will work with you to see what you want to change, and we will create goals together.

...you had more control of your life?

I will get a better sense of what your stress looks like and we will find tools that will help you to manage it better. Managing stress = overall wellbeing.

With All Kinds of
Mental Health Goodies

 (like self-care, yoga, inspiration, courses, + more!)

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