Hi! I'm Melissa

I am a counselor, therapist, healer, life transformer, and hope ignitor. I help women & teen girls (and others!) make positive changes so that they can feel confidenthappier, and reach their fullest potential.

I am a human being like you and can understand your pain and struggles, your vulnerability. I have been there, and I never want anyone to feel the way I once did — alone and afraid. I know from my own deep, personal journey that it’s possible to heal, to transform one’s life, and to become empowered. It took great courage, determination, strength, and passion, but I did it, and I have helped many others do the same. 

I feel incredibly grateful to do the work that I do and I am very passionate about it.

At a young age, I felt deep compassion for people. I often helped friends with their problems. So it was no surprise that in college I majored in Psychology and Elementary Education (Yeah, I like kids!). I graduated from college with my BA and began working with children as a nanny and then a teacher.

Even in my undergrad studies, I knew in my heart I would be a therapist one day. In 2015, I completed my graduate work and received a master’s degree in mental health counseling. Since that time, I have held several therapist positions and currently work in an outpatient setting as well as in my private practice, Nurturing Hearts Therapeutic Services.

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