Does this sound like you?

Stressed african american woman

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to deal with this?

Constantly feeling worried. Overthinking. What ifs galore… it’s exhausting! Then you have trouble sleeping and are expected to get up and function. Yeah right. You’re exhausted and feel miserable. You have trouble talking to people so you either don’t or you lose the words midsentence. You miss out on things because you’re too afraid. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense and maybe people even think you’re exaggerating, but you know you can’t help it. It controls you. It’s like being a prisoner. How horrible were the times that you struggled to breathe? Ever think you were dying or going crazy? You ever feel so scared to the point you were shaking?

This describes anxiety, which can be downright crippling for some people.


You will learn something called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which has been proven to help with anxiety. I will also teach you relaxation strategies, mindfulness techniques, and many other tools.


I will gather details about your life so I can better understand you. I will work with you to see what you want to change, and we will create goals together. We will look at your thoughts and improve them, which can help to improve your mood. I will also give you specific tasks to do for extra boosts.  

What would your life be like if you could feel happier, more motivated, and more self-confident?

Feeling sad, down, or depressed? Life feels miserable and you have no motivation to do anything. You stopped caring. Things won’t get better. You feel irritable. Sometimes the littlest things annoy you. Maybe you even let yourself go a little or even a lot. Things feel hopeless. You can’t imagine them getting better. Everything feels so difficult. You think- why is life so unfair? Why do bad things happen to me? You can’t shake feelings of guilt. Sometimes the guilt makes no sense because you know you shouldn’t feel guilty, yet you do. You feel worthless. You don’t like yourself much. People may not even like being around you because you bring them down. You feel all alone, no one understands, or cares about you. 

These are symptoms of depression. There are different types of “mood disorders,” which is what depression is known as- so it’s important to get diagnosed. 

How much better would it feel if you had more control of your life?

You feel so overwhelmed and stressed. You are frustrated. You feel like you can’t take another thing. That one more thing may set you over the edge. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Your mind can’t seem to relax. Maybe you’re having sleep problems. You feel on edge. Maybe your relationships, work, or health are suffering. You feel like you have so many responsibilities. It’s too much to handle. Maybe you just got some bad news and you’re having a tough time with it.

Stress can take a toll. It can cause issues in different areas of your life- including your health. You can learn to manage your stress better, feel calmer, and become more in control of your life. 


I will get a better sense of what your stress looks like and we will find tools that will help you to manage it better. Managing stress = overall wellbeing. I will ask more about your personal interests so we can develop tools that are in alignment with them because this will help motivate you to make positive changes (motivation is good!).

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